Infrared Thermal Imaging

As home inspectors, we do our best to give our client’s the most thorough inspection possible. We will inspect everything that we can visually see. After all, knowledge matters when making a large purchase. But, what does a client do when issues are within walls or flooring? The inspector cannot tear these things down to inspect them so do you just cut your losses when making a home purchase?

Since this obstacle of limitation is very real in buying a home Kelting Home Inspections has invested in Infrared Thermal Imaging. This tool allows us to use infrared lighting to look within the walls of a home and report on any issues, such as mold, that we may observe to be present. This type of imaging can warn the buyer about potential heat loss, air-conditioning leaks, plumbing leaks, issues with circuit breakers, and more. With the knowledge given from this tool, a client can be alerted to potentially serious issues that may appear down the road.

It is important to note that, while Infrared Thermal Imaging provides some great knowledge it is still unable to predict the future. Your inspector will not be able to tell you definite issues that will arise nor the timeline of these issues. They will be able to inform you of concerns they see so that you can adequately plan for future repairs that may be needed on the home.

When hiring Kelting Home Inspections we welcome you to ask your inspector any questions you may have regarding this aspect of our inspection. Our inspectors are trained and willing to help you understand their process of looking at your home. We love to help! Please contact us today to learn more about Infrared Thermal Imaging and other inspection benefits that we offer in our services.