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Why Is a Home Inspection Critical?

Let’s face it, buying a home is a long, tedious process and it often feels like everywhere we turn we are asked to write another check for another service that we are being told we will need. So, why would you as a client want to invest in a home inspection? What makes hiring Kelting […]

What to Expect on Home Inspection Day?

What to Expect on Home Inspection Day? Your inspection will last about 3 hours (it may be longer or shorter depending on the size of the home, but 3 hours is the average). Your inspector does not mind if you ask questions. We want to help and are happy to answer any questions you feel […]

Use of Thermal Imaging for Home Inspections

Thermal Imaging Cameras can be used to identify and troubleshoot many different components of the home:  Moisture: The IR can be used to determine if a suspected water stain on any material is WET, or expose WET areas not seen by the naked eye. Although the suspected cause of the water stain should always be […]

Post Storm Inspections

Preparing your home, buying supplies, and making the choice to evacuate or hunker down can be very stressful for families in Florida. We always think about preparing our home before the weather comes, but what about when the hurricane has hit and moved on, leaving destruction in its wake. Have you ever considered Kelting Home […]


    There is an old saying I have heard many times, “There are two types of stucco houses, one that is cracked and one that is going to.” Concerns about stucco cracking are some of the most asked questions during a home inspection. Like most cement-based products stucco cracking is inevitable. There are many […]

Questions To Ask A Current Owner Before Buying A Home

  Take care not to let enthusiasm blind you to potential problems you may face when buying a new home. Curb appeal, nice landscaping, and a great location do not mean obvious problems – such as cracks on the wall, musty smells, or rotting floorboards – should be overlooked. To help with ruling out potential […]

Federal Pacific Electrical Panels – Facts

  Federal Pacific Electric Company (FPE) manufactured circuit breaker panels in North America from the 1950s to the 1980s. The panel was well known in the building community as a cheaper alternative to some of the more recognizable panel companies such as General Electric/I-T-E and Square D. Millions of homes throughout the United States and […]

Polybutylene Piping aka Grey Piping

  This newsletter gives brief information about polybutylene plumbing, aka Grey Piping. It is recommended you always have a professional inspect your new home before purchase. This `is just one of many possible hidden defects creating unexpected cost when insurance companies review in the home’s insurance report (4-Point). We are providing this quick fact article […]

Private Sewer Systems

  When a public sewer system is not available, usually, the only other option is a private septic system to capture waste from the homes plumbing drains.  The purpose of the septic tank is to separate the wastewater from the solid waste allowing only wastewater to enter the drain field. Heavier solid waste settles to […]