Have you taken the time to evaluate the exterior of your home during or shortly after a good rain? You should. Walk around your home and look around the roof edge and evaluate the rain running off the roof. You will be able to see how the roof, downspouts, and the property grading are functioning during the rain. It is important that the ground and grading around your house is sloped away from the home, on all sides of the home.

The gutters, drains, and downspouts should be moving the water away from the foundation. This includes planters that are around your home. The flower beds and planters should never retain water next to the exterior of your home. You never want to see puddles next to the exterior or under the wood decking around your home.

If the rainwater is not properly draining away from your home’s foundation, you will develop moisture in the foundation slab and crawlspaces of your home. Drains and piping can help the water flow away from the foundation of your home. Once you have installed these drains you should monitor how they work. Make sure that the drains stay clear of leaves and debris. This can be an inexpensive project that will prove to be very beneficial.

I have inspected many homes that have experienced years of poor drainage issues. It can compromise the integrity of the home and over time it can turn into a costly repair. It is important to know that as a homeowner monitoring the rain drainage is an important part of maintaining your property.

Florida is known for its sunshine but don’t forget we get our fair share of rain and storms during those seasons. It is important to prepare your home and property for these rainy seasons. Taking the time to make sure your home is ready for the rain.

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