Roofs are designed to resist water, but they are not waterproof. Roofs will eventually leak, and you can never predict when or where this will happen. Routine evaluation of your roof covering is your best protection.

You should make it part of your homes routine maintenance checklist and monitor your homes roof covering possible leaks. If the roof is inaccessible or you cannot safely walk on the roof you can use binoculars. Examine your roof and look for signs of deterioration or flashing that is loose. Look for debris that can clog up the gutters and roof valleys. You should also evaluate the exterior walls and trim underneath the eaves of the pitched roof.

Florida roofs experience intense heat and sun, wind, and rain. This type of exposures can cause significant damage to the roof.  After our intense storms, you may want to consider hiring an inspector, or roofing contractor to evaluate the condition. We are trained for the risk involved and know what to look for. We can advise you if there is any damage.

Infrared thermography can be used to detect areas of moisture in your home. Once the moisture is found it can then be further evaluated. These detailed inspections should be performed by someone that is trained in infrared thermography, such as Kelting Inspections.

Asphalt shingles are a well-known product that is used. The life of the shingles depends on the quality of the product, how it was installed and the maintenance it has received. A sign of the end of life of this covering is the loss of aggregate. The edges of the shingles will start to curl. A certified roof contractor is highly trained and can give more information on the lifespan.

Metal roof covering should be monitored for rusting, pitting or corrosion. Check for loose, open or seams that are leaking. A professional can determine the type of seam type and if it was properly installed. Proper installation is essential to provide the best water resistance.

Clay tiles are known to be durable, high quality and good lifespan. You want to monitor the tiles for cracks or loose tiles. They would be addressed by a roofing contractor if you see these signs of damage.

Protecting your investment is essential in the intense Florida weather. From intense heat and storms, your roof covering can take a beating. We have the experience and a trained eye to help you find those deficiencies. However, with a little time and research you can monitor your own roof coverings and seek professional assistance when you feel you need it.

The Inspectors at Kelting Home Inspections are trained to provide a thorough inspection of your home. We want to ensure you know the true condition of the home you are purchasing or selling. We also include several warranties with our inspections, at no additional cost to the clients.