Let’s face it, buying a home is a long, tedious process and it often feels like everywhere we turn we are asked to write another check for another service that we are being told we will need. So, why would you as a client want to invest in a home inspection? What makes hiring Kelting Home Inspections essential to the purchase of a home? How can you be sure that you would not be simply throwing money away when you are desperately needing to watch where every dollar goes?

  • Our inspectors are both internationally and nationally certified.

    We have a team of inspectors that has spent countless hours attaining education on just what a home needs for it to be a safe and wise investment for a client. Our team has been trained in how to look for tell-tale signs of issues throughout a home and how to explain them to our clients.

  • Our inspectors check the safety of your roof, windows, HVAC, and electrical unit.

    These 4 components are some of the costliest areas of a home to have upgraded and replaced. The last thing you want is to move into your new home only to find out that the wiring in your electric box is not up to code and a fire hazard. You also don’t want to find out that there is a leak in your roof due to improper fastening in the attic. We look for these and other potential issues during an inspection so that you can purchase a home with the knowledge of knowing what is up to date and what may need some repairs.

  • Our inspectors provide information on the age of various components in your home and what that means for you.

    Not only do our inspectors check the current condition of your home, but we educate ourselves on the history of the home as well. We find out when the roof was replaced, what upgrades were done, etc. While this information cannot predict when issues may arise, it does provide you with the information needed to know that a component in your home has aged and may be reaching the end of its shelf-life.

  • Our inspectors only want to help.

    Our inspectors are happy to have you walk through the home with them or call them and ask questions. They genuinely just want to help. We understand that unless you are used to building homes there are things that may arise that may result in more questions. You will have access to your inspector even after your inspection is completed for these questions. Not only will our inspectors be able to help give you directions and clarity, but we work hard to network with any experts in the field that can answer questions or help in areas that we are unable. Our goal is for you to enjoy your new home and move in with peace of mind!

What to Expect on Home Inspection Day?

  • Your inspection will last about 3 hours (it may be longer or shorter depending on the size of the home, but 3 hours is the average).
  • Your inspector does not mind if you ask questions. We want to help and are happy to answer any questions you feel you’d like to ask.
  • Your inspector does a visual inspection, which means we cannot move any personal property from the seller or take apart anything on the property. This is for your safety as well as the seller’s safety during negotiations.
  • Your inspector will check the roof, windows, doors, appliances, electric panel, HVAC, appliances, etc. We will make sure they are in working condition and no assembly or performance issues are present at the time.
  • Your inspector will send you a report the next day. For this reason, be sure to sign your agreement before the inspection. This agreement will explain in detail what we will be looking at so that you know what questions to ask during the inspection as well as what to look for in your report.