4 Things To Check Before Having a 4-Point Inspection:

It is the time of year where insurance companies are renewing policies with their clients. If you are living in an older home this means you may be asked to get a “4-Point Inspection.” If that phrase is new to you here is what you need to know: These inspections check the 4 main components of a home (Roof, HVAC, Electric, and Plumbing). So, before you have an inspector come out, we suggest you check on these things:

  1. Is my HVAC working properly? If you haven’t had maintenance done on your HVAC in a while now would be a good time to have it looked at.
  2. Is there any exposed wiring or breakers in the electric box that aren’t working properly? Faulty wiring can be an issue when getting insurance because it could be a potential hazard in your home.
  3. Are there signs of a roof or pipe leak anywhere in the home? These leaks could lead to many more issues in the future, including issues with mold, so if you see signs of a leak you will want to get that repaired ASAP.
  4. Is there any damage to your roof (missing tiles, etc)? If there was a storm near you recently you will want to pay special attention here as there may be issues you of which you are not yet aware.

Keep in mind, while making sure these areas are up to date may be a tedious process it will only help your 4-point inspection report and could result in much lower insurance rates in the end.