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Monitor Your Roof Covering

Roofs are designed to resist water, but they are not waterproof. Roofs will eventually leak, and you can never predict when or where this will happen. Routine evaluation of your roof covering is your best protection. You should make it part of your homes routine maintenance checklist and monitor your homes roof covering possible leaks. […]

Property Drainage

Have you taken the time to evaluate the exterior of your home during or shortly after a good rain? You should. Walk around your home and look around the roof edge and evaluate the rain running off the roof. You will be able to see how the roof, downspouts, and the property grading are functioning […]


An Easier Way to Move

  Regardless if you’re packing up a home, apartment or condo, there is a way you can make this process easier. These few tips might be all you need. TAKE PICTURES. Take a quick snapshot of each room before you start boxing it up. You can use them as a blueprint for your new home or […]