One thing that can make or break the sale of a home is whether or not a roof is in good condition. The condition of your roof can affect insurance rates, protect or cause issues with mold, and determine whether or not a home is safe should a hurricane arise. At Kelting Home Inspections, one of the main requests that come from our clients is that we pay special attention to the quality and health of the roof on the home that they are considering to purchase.

As a home owner it is important to remember that roof maintenance will be required from time to time. Roofs are water resistant not water proof after all! Here are some basic and simple steps that you can take to monitor your roof situation and make sure that your roof is up to date with care throughout your time in your home:

  1. Watch the Roof Covering
    Every few months go around your home and check the exterior walls and trim for any deterioration that could be developing, especially in areas where there are no gutters or overhang. If your roof is sloped and unsafe to walk on or inaccessible for any reason you can do this using binoculars.
  2. Inspect After Storms
    Storms have the potential to cause significant damage from wind and hail. For this reason we recommend hiring a roofing contractor or home inspector to look over your roof after a significant storm hits your area. Kelting Home Inspections offers roof certification inspections that include a report which our home inspector will gladly review with you should any questions or concerns arise. Not only will this give you peace of mind but it will make you aware of any damage that could cause greater issues in the future if not taken care of immediately.
  3. Thermography
    Kelting Home Inspections has inspectors trained in infrared technology and building science. For this reason we have the ability to check roofing structures with an infrared camera and check for any moisture issues that may be starting in your roof. Moisture issues can lead to mold problems that have the ability to affect your family’s health if not properly cared for in a timely manner. Due to Florida’s high humidity, roofs in the state have a tendency to collect black mold. Should black mold be found on the surface of your roof please note that cleaning off the mold is extremely easy with a conventional sprayer and 50/50 mixture of bleach and water. In the case that mold is detected under the surface by our infrared camera our inspectors will work with you on determining the best next step your family can take to fix the issue.