What Inspections Do I Actually Need?


Did you know that Kelting Home Inspections offers 9 different types of inspections that can be combined in numerous ways? Our hope in offering so many options is that our clients will be provided with the most thorough service and peace of mind possible when moving into their new home. With that said, we understand that all of these options leave most people asking “So which inspections do I actually need?”  When ordering a home inspection here is a simple outline of our 3 most popular inspections to help you sort through what you will need to order:

  1. Residential Inspection: This inspection is recommended whenever you buy a new home. It is our most thorough inspection and will look over the entire property and any foundation that is attached to the main living area (including the garage, patios, etc.). With this inspection, you receive a number of free warranties and a detailed report, complete with pictures. The goal of a residential inspection is to give you a clear understanding of what you are purchasing in your new home.
  1. Wind Mitigation: Most insurance companies will require a wind mitigation for any home that is not brand new. This inspection checks the roof, windows, and doors in order to make sure your home is ready to handle a hurricane. With a “wind mit” you get a filled out report (including pictures) to give to your insurance company for discounts on your insurance. Depending on your situation these discounts could be quite significant!
  1. 4-Point Inspection: Most insurance companies require a 4-point inspection for homes that are 30 years or over. A 4-point checks the 4 main points of a home (roof, plumbing, AC, and electric). With this inspection, you will receive a one-page report (including pictures) to give your insurance company so they can approve your coverage.

The Kelting Team is more than happy to answer any further questions you have regarding these inspections. Please feel free to call our office at 941-655-8888 so that we can assist you in your scheduling needs!